30for30: Family bonding time (day 28)

Top: Old Navy
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Cooperative via UO
Headband: DIY

This is about Wednesday, the Wednesday I did not post about. It was a jam packed day full of playing with my son and then Nordic skiing with my mister (he pulled our little man). It was my first time to do this trail, up Snodgrass Mountain. It's all up hill in the beginning, so that means downhill, down a mountain on Nordic skies. Not easy and very scary. Kelly was on an A.T. setup (real skies). Not fair. It was beautiful though! See picture below.

So the above pics are not from Wednesday, but today. Had to play dress up today to get the outfit photos. I promise I got dressed on Wednesday. Not the most exciting outfit, but it sure is comfy and one of my favorites for lounging or traveling.

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