And so it starts

Top: Modcloth, $34 // Jacket: Nordstrom, $49 // Jeans: UO, $30 // Shoes: Toms, $49 // Earrings: Forever 21, $5 // Hat: Gift

I am referring to mud season. It's when the snow starts to melt and what's left is mud. Mud, mud, mud, for months and months.

Happy Wednesday! I had a great day getting party stuff done, thanks to my sister. Now if only I could get her to help me clean my house. What do you guys think of the awesome hat. My mom picked it up for me in a little boutique in Tanshui, Taiwan. It's a super cute coastly town with really fun shopping and yummy food. I'm having a great time hanging with the family. We are taking the boys sleding tomorrow, it will be Dex's first time. Might have to share pictures from that.

Have you seen enough of the army jacket? Hope not.



  1. the hat is so cute and hippie is and i love the jacket!!

    <3 steffy