Grey skies and army jackets

Jacket: Nordstroms
Top: Gap
Jeans: AE
Shoes: Cooperative via UO
Scarf: Modcloth
Earrings: Forever 21

I have been dying to wear this jacket. I got it during the challenge, I know I wasn't suppose to shop but really it's kind of a Valentines gift from Kelly (even though I ordered it). I love it. I searched all over the web for a jacket like this and couldn't find one that I loved and that I could afford. Found this one at Nordstroms.com for only $49. It's perfect. I love that I picked out a striped shirt very much like the one in my 30 to wear the day after the challenge. It was hard getting dressed this morning. It was the very opposite of I have nothing to wear. I had too much to wear! I wanted to wear it all. 

Sorry the picture quality is low, took these by myself with my new gorillapod. Self timer + dropping temperatures = not fun experience and crappy pictures. Oh well, it's all a learning experience. 

I also just wanted to say how much I love this blogging community. All you lovely ladies are so awesome and kind. I am happy to of discovered it and plan on sticking around for a long time. 


Any one else find it hard getting dressed after the challenge was over?


  1. Oh my gosh. It was SO hard for me to get dressed after the challenge. Probably because I wanted to wear everything I own! I missed my clothes so much.

  2. Love the striped top and jacket! There's so much snow where you are!


  3. love your hair-do here, and the striped shirt is so cute!

    <3 steffy