Monday, Monday

My Mondays are insane! They start early, go till late and are nonstop. I do not have time to get an outfit picture on Mondays. Elaine from I'm Clothed Much does a getting-to-know-you post every week. So I have decided that Mondays will be dedicated to this. This week's question is what is your typical day like? Everyday is different for me. Currently I am only working 3 days a week and then spending the rest of the time taking care of my baby, Dexter. So, welcome to my typical Monday.

After I wake up (around 6) and get ready, I need to make breakfast and lunch for Dexter and I.

We leave the house around 7:15 to head to work. This pic is of the drive down the mountain.

I drop Dexter off in his classroom first.

Then head over to the other building where I teach the Bluebird class (ages 2-3). I am the opener on Mondays.

Pretty mellow in the mornings. We work on art, puzzles, gross motor skills, sensory table, and free play till snack time around 10.

After snack, we have circle time then we head outside to play till noon. We always go outside unless its extremely high winds, below 10 degrees or it's raining. The kids love it. After, we go inside and have lunch. We then put the kiddos down for a nap (most sleep for 2 hours).

(Imagine a picture of me eating lunch at a local restaurant with Kelly)

On Mondays, I try to meet Kelly for a super quick lunch (I have a 30 min break). Today we had $2 fish tacos. That's a super deal in a ski town. 

Enjoying nap time, time to catch up on stuff.

After nap and afternoon snack, the kids have more free play. When they all get picked up, I clean up, go pick up Dexter and head home. 
Once home, I play with Dex. Then feed him dinner, give him a bath and put him down to bed. 

Monday night dinners are frozen pizza, don't judge unless you want to come cook for me. It's our one night that neither one of want to cook.
The day is done, I can finally sit down and enjoy our TV.
And here we are now, Kelly and I watching 24. We are both exhausted. I leave you now, with this extremely boring day mapped out for you. Hope you enjoyed. I promise other days are way more exciting. 

Coming tomorrow, a new outfit post. Get excited!


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  1. woweee busy day you must be so happy when you get all comfy in bed at night :)

    <3 steffy