Why, hello there.

Tank: American Apparel, $18 // Cardigan: Target, $16 // Skirt: Old Navy (Thrifted), $4 // Scarf: Forever 21, $8  
Belt: Forever 21, $5 //  Boots: Target, $49 // Socks: Target, $4

I am so sorry that I haven't posted anything in over a week. I am just so disorganized right now. Can someone please come help me organize my life right now. I'll pay you. I'm motivated again though, so that will help at least with the blog. I have a bunch of free time for the next week, too. It's spring break at my preschool and Kelly is out of town till Monday. It's just Dexter and me. I'm thinking trip to The Trailhead (our children's museum) and to Gunnison for a snow free after at the park. All our parks are under 5 feet of snow still. Everyone is getting cabin fever. The weather is finally warming up, but not much to do till the snow melts. Not to far away yet, maybe less than a month (fingers crossed). 

This outfit insist entirely of neutrals, except my ring (which is awesome, but didn't get a close up shot...tomorrow). I love putting browns and black together. They compliment each other so well. I am also rocking the white bare legs. I can't believe I am saying this, but I am over tights. I am over all things related to cold weather. Blah. 

Have you guys put away all your winter clothes yet?


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