30for30: All grown up

Tee: Target
Cardigan: Target
Dress: The Alpineer
Boots: Target
Tights: Target
Belt: J Crew
Necklace: My Selvaged Life, Etsy Boutique  

These are yesterdays photos. We made it to Denver late Tuesday night. Found a car we loved, and bought it. Feel so grown up buying a car with someone. I actually had a bit of free time to stop by the Cherry Creek Mall. It was a very quick trip. Already back in Crested Butte. Very exhausted, so its going to be a quick post. Sorry for the indoor pics, it was already dark once everyone made it back to our friend, Laurie's house. But she has an awesome place. That's Harry in the pics, he is a bit of a photo hog.   
A little fact about Dexter: ever since he was born, he has loved posing for photos. It's very hard to get a candid photo of him, because as soon as he sees the camera he stops and smiles. 

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