30for30: Sun rays through snowflakes

Dress: Target
Cardigan: Target
Tights: Smartwool
Boots: Target
Leg warmers: Target
Belt: Thrifted

Happy day 5 of the challenge! I love this outfit. Bright and cheery on a snowy day. Today was the big grocery shopping day, meaning a 35 min drive down valley to the big grocery store. I love the drive though. I just love that about Colorado, no matter where you drive while in the mountains, it's beautiful. 


  1. Awesome outfit! I love the colors against the snow, so pretty. Love your blog! And that bun is perfectly messy and chic.


  2. I love that you can look cute even in the snow. I love the dressy yet casual feel of this outfit!

  3. Love that color!!!! It's beautiful on you :) you're right those boots where an awesome find! Can't wait to see what outfit u make with the dress next;)