you're so fine

Tee: Gap, $8 // Jeans: Meltin Pot, $45 // Belt: Thrifted, $10 // Shoes: Cooperative via UO, $49 // Necklace: From childhood, Priceless

Every time I ask my darling boyfriend how I look he responds, "Fine." After discussing The Other Emily's post from today with my friend (also named Emily), I told her this. She said,"maybe he means like you are so fine." Hmmm, I liked that. How many years has it been since I have heard that saying. I'm bringing it back.

This is not my most creative outfit, but I love the simplicity of it. I was totally inspired by this image off of Pinterest. I would of loved to of done the same braid, but my hair is too short and way too thick. I am in love with fishtail braids, they are so whimsical. I love her eye makeup in the pic, too. Didn't even put makeup on today. 

Feeling like my photos are just not that great, do you guys have any picture/posing tips for me? Any would be greatly appreciated!



  1. My husband says the same thing! Now, I'm just going to pretend he's telling me I'm fiiiiiiine. Haha.

  2. i love how simple and perfect this outfit looks!!! those brown shoes are adorb and i love love that shirt with those jeans!

    <3 steffy
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