You're wearing that?

Blazer: Anthropologie // Tank: American Apparel // Jeans: Gap // Boots: DSW (DIY) // Bag: Thrifted // Rings: Forever 21

The weekend is over, it flew by. I wore this outfit on Saturady to meet up with the Emilys to celebrate my birthday (better late than never). Emily R. and I ate a very yummy dinner at the Secret Stash then met up with Emily A. at Kochevar's for a few drinks. I rarely go out now, so when I do it's a pretty big deal. I dress up. I caught the bus down to town to meet the girls and you should of seen the looks I got. They were full on "What the F are you wearing?" I just smile. The weird part is, I'm not wearing anything extreme. I guess thats what you should expect in a small town. 

Do you ever feel people judge you because you actually put a little effort into looking nice?



  1. awww youre so cute i cant believe ppl look at you funny in your town! theyd prob think i was nuts haha :)

    <3 steffy
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  2. TOTALLY! You would have thought that I wore a prom dress to school the day I wore heels over 1". Or the fact that I have two, yes TWO pairs of brown boots. Or when I wear a statement necklace that isn't made out of maccaroni?! Just look at the number of bloggers on the Blogger Map who are from CO...there aren't that many. You are a visionary in our little Mountain State. Keep being fabulous!

  3. There are plenty of times that I receive strange looks for what i wear. I don't even dress extreme. I think what you wore is fab and perfect for a night out with the ladies.

  4. i get that feeling all the time! i guess it is better to feel that way (and look good) than to look like a scrub : )
    Jaime from letmetellyouaboutmybike.blogspot.com