tiny town

Top: Modcloth // Cardigan: Thrifted // Pants: Thrifted // Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Earrings: Forever 21 // Belt: Thrifted

Though it's still near freezing at night, it finally feels like summer has arrived. Today was our last day of the school year (though, I didn't work today, so I guess for me it was yesterday). Next week we have school clean up and then summer session starts on Thursday. I finally received my summer work schedule today, and I have to admit that Mark (my boss) did a great job. I feel like we all got exactly what we wanted. Tonight we  headed over to our friend Josh's house for a little bar-b-q and hanging out, the parties theme was tiny town. He has a very tiny home, only a handful of people could fit inside. Everyone brought tiny appetizers and grill food, I brought Dexter (who is tiny) and a tiny chair for him. A few people brought tiny Coronas. It was a lot of fun and great to see everyone. I love this time of year. It's much more social than the winter.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is Stepping Stones giant yard sale. If you are in the area, come check it out.

Have a great weekend!


  1. cute cute outfit!!!

  2. your cardi is so cute!

    <3 steffy
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  3. Thanks Steffy! Been finding some amazing things at yard sales. Picked this up two weekends ago. We don't really have all the thrift stores (I am so jealous of all your finds!).

  4. Thanks so much! I love how it all came together.