yard steals

Shoes, Top, & Skirt: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: From childhood // Sunglasses: Knockoff Ray Bans

I spent the morning at my friend Carly's yard sale, helping set up and putting a serious dent in her selection. This girl has the most amazing eye. She creates the most unique outfits combined with vintage, new, and thrifted items. I have been so excited all week to score some amazing stuff. I nabbed up a couple of dresses, skirts, shirts, a pair of pants, and a cardigan. And to top it off, I feel like I ripped her off. She wouldn't let me pay her more than $20 for it all. A few of the items need a little altering, but other than that they are good to go. I am planning on being yard sale queen of the summer. I'm going to try very hard not to buy new this summer. Yard sales make me anxious though, I start freaking out if I'm not the first one there. What if I miss all the good stuff? My school is having a huge yard sale next weekend. If you are in town, stop by Stepping Stones and support the school. I am very excited about that one too, hoping to score some stuff for Dex and our house.

I was totally inspired by this image off Pinterest to create this outfit. I love the bright green skirt with the crisp white shirt and the pop of red on the shoes. Another color combination that I don't usually do, too Christmasy. Don't think this looks holidayish at all. I love my red shoes, they go with absolutely everything.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, by the way. Any one have fun plans for this start of summer holiday? Kelly's parents are in town for a couple of days, think we might hit up the park and browse the sidewalk sales. Have a great weekend!




Top: Old Navy // Shorts: Thrifted // Shoes: Minnetonka // Earrings: DIY // Belt: J Crew // Sunglasses: Forever 21

I am very excited about this outfit. I bought the shorts for $1.50, needed a lot of fixing, but totally worth it. I also just tailored the chambray shirt to be more fitted. It was the perfect outfit for running errands and hitting up the park with Dex. You don't find me wearing red and blue together very ofter, I find it too patriotic at times. Don't get me wrong, I love my country but there are some color combinations that I just have a hard time doing. The weather is finally turning into Spring. I can finally wear my shorts and skirts. Very happy right now. To tired to think of much else to say. Everyone have an amazing weekend!




Top: American Apperal (bodysuit turned into a crop top) // Dress: Billabong // Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: DIY

The sun is shining, my son took a 3 hour nap, Kelly promises to clean the whole house, and I am going to meet up with some friends for a couple of drinks. It is a good day. Don't have to much to say, want to get back outside. I was inspired by Emily from The Other Emily to recreate this outfit. I just love her simple style, its so chic and effortless. I love her black dress, this one I am wearing is the closest I had to it. I love maxi-dresses, I have a bunch. I buy a new one every year.

Hope everyone else is having lovely weather and enjoying the sun. Happy Wednesday!



storms a brewin'

Top: Urban Outfitters // Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Minnetonka // Earrings: DIY

It thundered today. I love thunder. It reminds me of the giant thunderstorms of my youth growing up in Houston. The heavy winds and rain pounding on your window, it was very magical. I miss the colossal rainstorms. It just doesn't rain like that here.

I have goal for this blog this week, post at least 4 different outfits. One down, 3 to go. Maybe I'll be on it all week. That is a challenge. I was very prepared yesterday and planned all my outfits for the week, or at least the main parts of them. It makes getting dressed a millions times easier in the morning when its all layed out for you, ready to go. I bought this top as a birthday gift to myself. I don't own a button white shirt. I simple basic that I should have, so I got this instead. Its technically a white button-up shirt. I love how flowy and breezy it is.

Need movie recommendations for Netflix. We have nothing in our queue. Not a thing. Any kind would be amazing. Thanks!




Top: Target // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Jacket: Nordstrom // Belt: J Crew // Bag: Thrifted // Necklace: DIY 

I can't believe it's been almost a whole week since my last post. What a week. I came down with an awful cold on Monday. I even took a sick day on Tuesday, which I never do. I finally started feeling better around Thursday, but it didn't matter since it had been snowing all week. Snow. In late May. The weather has been crazy here. I still got dressed all week with some pretty cute outfits if I say so. No photos though. I refused to go outside in the dumping snow and in our little casa there is really nowhere to take a decent photo. Finally, the sun came out today. The beautiful, warm, bright sun graced us with her presence. I don't know how people live in places where it rains most the year. I couldn't do it. We usually have more sunny days than not, but not this year.  I can't wait for summer, I have so many skirts and outfits planned for the warmer days.

I am very excited to share with you my new shoes. I got them off Urban Outfitters on sale for $20. They are a slight knock off of Swedish Hasbeens, which I adore but simply do not have the money for. I was very excited when I found these. I love them. They go with everything! Got to love that. I love the simplicity of this outfit. This is something I struggle with viewing all the other amazing personal style blogs out there. So many people have different styles from me and I try to recreate their outfits and it's just not me. I am really learning my own style and how to stay true to it. I love simple styles that are a little bit funky or have a small twist to them. Don't get me wrong, I still love a more complicated look sometimes, but over all I tend to feel more comfortable in more effortless looks.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I promise to bring you more outfit posts throughout the week. Leave you now with a Dexter outfit pic. Just received these lovely shorts from my sis. I wish they came in my size, they are awesome.



You're wearing that?

Blazer: Anthropologie // Tank: American Apparel // Jeans: Gap // Boots: DSW (DIY) // Bag: Thrifted // Rings: Forever 21

The weekend is over, it flew by. I wore this outfit on Saturady to meet up with the Emilys to celebrate my birthday (better late than never). Emily R. and I ate a very yummy dinner at the Secret Stash then met up with Emily A. at Kochevar's for a few drinks. I rarely go out now, so when I do it's a pretty big deal. I dress up. I caught the bus down to town to meet the girls and you should of seen the looks I got. They were full on "What the F are you wearing?" I just smile. The weird part is, I'm not wearing anything extreme. I guess thats what you should expect in a small town. 

Do you ever feel people judge you because you actually put a little effort into looking nice?



Black and Blue

Top: J. Crew // Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters // Boots: DSW (DIY alter) // Bag: Thrifted (for $0.50!!) // Belt: J.Crew // Necklace: DIY

Happy weekend to everyone! I was very excited to try out my new ankle boots I made yesterday (found here). Received a lot of complements. I love it when I create something and can say, "Oh, I made them!" I think it annoys people, oh well. They are perfect for this time of year, so much mud around. I'm looking back over these photos and realize that I am not smiling (the photographer and I were having creative differences). I do not look so good with a scowl on my face. Will work on that.

Ok, so the always amazing Brittany from No Two Fish gave me the One Lovely Blog Award! I am so honored, first time my little blog has been awarded. So the rules of the award are to share seven random facts about myself and then award other lovely blogs. Lets see what I got...

1. I lived and taught English in Taiwan for 4 years.
2. I can still speak a bit of Mandarin.
3. I have one little sister.
4. I had my tonsils removed when I was 27 (not fun).
5. I only eat grilled cheese sandwiches with maple syrup.
6. I'm like 60% Scottish (my dad is Scottish and my mom is part)
7. Me and BF have the most incredible son in the world (seriously), his name is Dexter (we call him Dex, too) and he is about 14 months old.

(ok, that was hard)

And the lovely blogs I award are:
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If you have been awarded, share seven facts about yourself and pass the award to other lovely bloggers!


12for12: The Outfits

Well, in the end I probably wore more than 12 outfits. Everyday I wore at least two outfits, one for the beach/pool and one for the eveneing. I am only posting 12, since some of the others were repeats.

Mexico was amazing. The weather was great. We ate so much incredible food. Dexter had the greatest time. I know we all wish we were still there.

DIY: Ankle Boot

I know, I know, it's been awhile since I have posted anything. It has been a crazy week. It's always hard to get back to life after an amazing vacation. To top it off, it's been snowing all week. The weather has finally cleared and the sun is out. To celebrate, I am bringing you my first DIY post. Yeah! I have been in love with Annabel's boots from Blushing Ambition, found her's but they were a little too far out of my price range. I then saw on A Pair and a Spare that someone cut their own boots to make ankle boots. I then realized that I had the perfect pair of boots that I loved but never wore anymore (weird mid-calf length).

  • Boots you still love but no longer wear
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
Measure how much you want to cut off, do the same for each boot. Cut off excess material. Wear.

I am so happy how these turned out. I love them.



Yesterday, I turned 30. Yes, 30. I know, I can't believe it either. It was an amazing day. Started with Mexican style omelettes, then some time at Stone Island with my family, and ended with a surprise dinner at a beautiful restaurant called Angelo's. I thought I was just having dinner with my parents and Kelly (Dexter was at home with the babysitter). When we showed up, all my parent's friends here in Mexico (who I also know very well) were waiting for us and yelled surprise when I walked in. I was stunned, I had no clue. It was so thoughtful and amazing. Thanks to everyone for an incredible 30th birthday!


Here comes the sun

Top: Modcloth // Skirt: 418 (Local Boutique) // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Belt: Thrifted // Necklace: DIY

Mexico is amazing. Warm weather, super sunny, and no snow. We are all having a great time, especially Dexter. I haven't seen him this happy and excited ever. We are just so happy to be here. We went to catch our flight out of Grand Junction on Friday morning, we were even the first ones there, and it had mechanical problems. It was over an hour late getting off the ground making us miss our connection flight to Mazatlan. No more flights for the rest of the day out of Phoenix to Mazatlan. We had to stay over night. We made the best of it, enjoyed the heat and ate some very yummy Indian food. We finally arrived yesterday afternoon and have been going nonstop since. Today is my dad's birthday, we had a very yummy buffet brunch this morning and have just been enjoying the beach and pool this afternoon. I don't think I am going to post outfit pics to many times while I am on vacation, but I promise to get all my outfits from the trip on here after I return home.

Umm...could I be any whiter in these photos?


Top: Old Navy // Shorts: Old Navy // Shoes: Koala Kids // Sunglasses: Target